VOICE (VOICE for the Oppressed through Integrated Community Emancipation) Trust was registered under the Indian Trust Act on 12 July, 1985 as a Non-Profit Voluntary Organization. From 2002, VOICE Trust is approved by Department o Income Tax Department under  Sec12A. Donations from Indian residents are exempt under Sec80G Acts for social works including Development Programs with the Disabled.

Nature Centric Ways of Life for eco-enviro-economic empowerments

To increase awareness among the people about the need to lead a nature centric life not only for economic empowerment but also for preserving ecological bio-diversity and for protecting the environment for the present and future generations

To facilitate formation of People's Organizations such as Women Self Help Groups (SHGs), Farmer's Forums, Youth Associations, Children's Clubs, Disabled People's Organizations, Human Rights Group, Unorganized Worker's Associations, etc... for hollistc life.

To enable allround empowerment of all the people irrespective of caste, creed, language, race or region, especially the disadvantaged, the displaced and the other weaker sections including the Women, the Children, the Aged, the Disabled and the terminally ill persons through self help initiatives, cooperative action for economic development, complementarity with the other living species for a life of synergy and social justice for sustainable development of all like gender justice for women's rights, child rights with special focus on working children, levelihood rights for the landless labourers and other unorganized sectors, security rights for the working classes and rights for the disadvantaged inclusive of the Rights of Disabled People.


Integrated Farming for poison free food production, ecological biodiversity, economic sustainability, empowerment of farming people and healthy life for all in collaboration with agriculturists, Government and NGOs. (Poison-free Farming and Eco-friendly Living)

Students Environment Groups for clean and green life, pollution free air and water, recycling for reusing green cover through tree planting and other eco friendly interventions in Schools, at home and in villages. (Our Earth Our Future)

Empowerment of Disabled People through CBR and Institutional approaches clubbed with inclusive education, home based therapy, medical treatment, aids and appliances, income generating enterprises and rights initiatives in collaboration with Government and NGOs. (Rights of physically challenged, mentally retarded and mentally ill persons through Disabled People's Organizations: Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying)

Integrated Development of Children in need and at risk under Joy to Children Program of AEM VOICE and Technical Education of Rural Adolescents under Support to Children in AEM VOICE at Friendship Home for Children at Siruganur (Friends of Children for their integrated developments)

People's Organizations under Self Help Groups mode (SHGs of Women, Farmers, Agri Workers, Unorganized Laborers and Disabled People) for personality developments, family improvements, community empowerment, economic achievement, social gradation and rights action in all aspects of life. (Sangam powerful tool for people's developments)

Emancipation of affected and afflicted widows, destitute people, displaced persons, aged people and terminally ill persons (HIV / AIDS) through relevant interventions in collaboration with Government and Non Governmental Organizations.


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AEM ( les Amis des Enfants du Monde), Montrouge, France

SKN (Stiching Kinder Portugal Nederland), Holland

RSWR (Right Sharing of World Resources), USA.

CFCA(Christian Foundation for Children and Agening), U.S.A

Action for Disability Development India

Emmaus International, France

Indo Global Social Service Society

Madras Centre for Research and Development of Community Education

National Environment Awareness Campaign



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