About Us

VOICE (Voice for the Oppressed through Integrated Community Emancipation) Trust was registered under the Indian Trust Act as a non-profit Voluntary Organization or otherwise called these days as NGO (Non Governmental Organization). VOICE Trust is a secular Social Service Organization.

The Registration Number is 380/85. Date of Registration is 12.07.1985.

  • The First Amendment Deed was registered on : 26.12.1995.
  • The Second Amendment Deed was registered on : 10.05.1999.
  • The Third Amendment Deed was registered on : 17.11.2001.
  • The Fourth Amendment Deed was registered on : 26.07.2005.

(The Fourth Amendment Deed was signed by the Donor + the first 3 Trustees and the present 3 Trustees with witness by Mr. A. Gregory, Founder of VOICE Trust).

VOICE Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. Now, the all Women Board Members are:

Mrs. A. Jecintha, D.C.D., - Managing Trustee

Mrs. Jancy Quintal, B.A., - Financial Trustee

Mrs. R. Meenakshi, B.A., B.Ed., - Trustee

The first Registered Office was at Kumbakonam in Thanjavur District under jurisdiction of Registrar’s Office at Madurai. The Present Registered Office is at Tiruchy under the jurisdiction of the Registrar’s Office at Tiruchy, (Vide Amendment Deed of 26.07.2005)

From 1986, VOICE Trust is approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. The FCRA Number is 075960042. The FC-3 Returns are submitted to the Home Ministry every year. This Registration continues to be active

From 2002, VOICE Trust is approved by the Income Tax Department under the 12AA and 80G Acts for Social Works including the Development Programmes with the Disabled. The Pan Number is AAATV3191M. The 80G renewal was provided from 12.03.2008 to 31.03.2010. Now it is permanent approval under Finance Act 2 of 2009.

The Income Tax Department has also given TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number) Certification with effect from 03.03.2008. TAN Number is CHEV08861G.

VOICE Trust continues social action in 33st year for ECO-Enviro-Social-Economic-Educational and other empowerment for the well-being of all the people without any discrimination of creed, caste gender, language, region.

Directly working in 384 villages of Tiruchirapalli – Perambalur – Thanjavur Districts. Outreach Programmes are in parts of Ariyalur – Nagapattinam – Karur and Ramnad Districts. Also networking through IVI in all 32 Districts in Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Puducherry (Pondicherry). But, more than area coverage discover of people’s talents for joint action for empowered life is emphasized.

The Vision :

Nature Centric

The Mission :

Facilitating nature centric interventions for Eco-Enviro-Economic Wellbeing

Goals :

  • Enhancement of ecological biodiversity for empowerment of Farming Communities including marginal farmers and landless agricultural laborers and for consumption of poison-free food and other organic products by all in the society for a healthy life.
  • Natural Resource Management for environmental protection for pure air, good water and salubrious life through ecological bio-diversity and trees of all kinds.
  • Economic development of the marginalized and the disadvantaged people without any discrimination of creed – caste – gender – language – region etc.
  • Basic Health Care for Women, Children, Aged and other vulnerable sections preferably more with preventive measures and medical interventions that are nature centric
  • Rights of Children (especially the Orphans, Working Children and Girl Children) with focus on 4 basic Rights of United Natoins CRC of 1989(to Life, Protection, Development, Participation) and also Right to Education.
  • Empowerment of Disabled Children, Disabled Adults and Mentally ill Persons for inclusion of Differently Abled Persons with Rights Perspectives under the slogan “ Disabled Rights are Human Rights”.

Specific Objectives :

  • To increase awareness among the people about the need to lead a nature centric life not only for economic empowerment but also for preserving ecological bio-diversity and for protecting the environment for the good of the present and future generations.
  • To facilitate formation of People’s Organizations such as Women Self Help Groups (SHGs), Farmer’s Forums, Youth Associations, Children’s Clubs, Disabled People’s Organizations, Human Rights Groups, and unorganized Worker’s Associations, for rights and for responsibilities.
  • To enable all-round empowerment of all the people irrespective of caste, creed, language, race or region, especially the disadvantaged, the displaced and the other weaker sections including the Women, the Children, the Aged, the Disabled and the Terminally ill persons including the AIDS Patients through self help initiatives, cooperative action for economic development, complementarily with the other living species for a life of synergy and social justice for sustainable development of all like gender justice through women’s rights, child rights with special focus on working children, livelihood rights for the landless laborers and other unorganized sectors, security rights for the working class and rights for the disadvantaged including Rights of the Disabled People and Rights of the Rural Adolescents for capacity building for life orientation and employability for developments of poverty stricken households especially in rural areas and urban slum and semi urban slum localities where people struggle for survival in sub-human living conditions.
  • To increase participation of the general public in community development activities especially in Panchayati Raj Movement through election of women and men in the 3 tier system.
  • To enhance relief and rehabilitation programs with Government, INGOs, other stakeholders in disaster affected areas like Tsunami, Cyclone, Flood and other natural emergencies.

N.B : To Continue Collaborations with Government Departments for strengthening the empowerment processes with Farming Communities for poison-free food, Disabled Persons and Vulnerable Sections such as Women, Children and the Aged as well as Environment Protection Programs through School Students for eco friendly life, pollution-free environment and for economic sustainability.

Focus Activities of VOICE Trust are :

  • Integrated Farming for poison free food production, ecological biodiversity, economic sustainability, empowerment of farming people and healthy life for all in collaboration with agriculturists, Government , NGOs, Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders.
  • Students Environment Groups( National Green Corps/ Eco Clubs) in Schools of Trichy District for clean and green life, pollution free air and water, recycling for reusing, green cover through tree planting in Schools, at home and in villages. (Our Earth-Our Future).
  • Empowerment of Differently Abled Persons (Physically Disabled / Mentally Challenged) through CBR and if need be Institutional approaches clubbed with inclusive education, home based therapy, medical treatment, aids and appliances, income generating enterprises and rights initiatives in collaboration with Government and NGOs. (Rights of physically challenged, mentally retarded / mentally ill) by Disabled People’s Organizations: Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying.
  • Integrated Development of Children in need and at risk under Joy to Children Program of AEM – VOICE and Technical Education of Rural Adolescents under Support to Children in AEM.
  • Special Note: Since, AEM has expressed inability to continue supports from 2017; VOICE Trust approaches agencies and individuals for continuing Children Home and Youth Skills Programs.
  • People’s Organizations under Self Help Groups mode (SHGs of Women, Farmers, Agri Workers, Unorganized Laborers and Differently Abled Persons including Physically Disabled and Mentally Challenged People) for personality developments, family improvements, community development, economic achievement, social gradation and rights action for integrated empowerments of all disadvantaged people without any discrimination. Focus is on Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Emancipation of affected and afflicted widows, destitute people, displaced persons, aged people and terminally ill persons (HIV / AIDS) through relevant interventions in collaboration with Government Departments, Non – Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations.

Collaboration with Networks

  • Sustainable Agriculture:LEISA Tamil Nadu, Kudumbam, AMEF, IOFM
  • Natural Resources:TNEC (Tamil Nadu Environment Council)
  • Human Rights:HRF, AREDS, Panchayati Raj, People’s Watch,
  • Women Collectives / Child Rights:(Rights of Vulnerable Groups),
  • Biodiversity / Environment :NEAC (MOEF) & RRA – PEACE Trust,
  • Eco Farming Enterprises: IVI (Iyarkai Velaan Inaiyam - A Forum for Eco Farming).